What Is Ube Halaya?

For a lot of you who aren’t familiar with Ube Halaya, it is a dessert made of Ube, which is a root crop that grows in many places in the Philippines.  

There are a couple of ways to cook Ube Halaya, but the traditional or usual way of cooking it is to boil the Ube, remove the skin and finally grate the core crop, or the meat.  Under medium fire, put a fair amount of butter on a saucepan (instead of cooking oil), then mix it with coconut milk and sugar (optional) until the Ube becomes a thick paste, hence, Ube Halaya.

If you haven’t tasted this, it is more like a custard pudding or a heavy ice cream that can be served cold or warm.  It is a sweet, sticky jam that can also be added as an ingredient in various desserts like Halo-Halo.

This purple root crop is a heavy favorite among Filipinos for its soft and smooth texture and delicious taste.  So, in case you travel to the Philippines, have a taste of the Ube or the Ube Halaya.

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